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Staples of the Christmas Movie Viewing

Tim Allen Christmas MoviesChristmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate with your family then watching classic Christmas movies together? There are literally hundreds of great Christmas movies you can watch with your family like the classic Rankin and Bass classic television specials. But if you are feeling to have a laugh out loud experience with the kids then how about watching some of the hilarious Tim Allen Christmas Movies? During the 90’s to 2000, Tim Allen has had a string of classic comedy Christmas films that filled the theater with laughter during the holiday season. His most memorable one has to be The Santa Clause where Tim Allen played a character that had to replace Santa Clause. This was a great twist to the old tale of Saint Nick and delivered on the laughs as well. It was then later followed by two sequels, The Santa Clause 2 and the Santa Clause 3 which completed the most well-known Tim Allen Christmas Movie trilogy that can still hold its own even today. In fact, Tim Allen’s trilogy of Christmas movie made such big waves in the box-office that during its run it became somewhat of a staple for Tim Allen to once again put on the red and white suit as Christmas draws near.


The Santa Clause 2Between the strings of Tim Allen Santa Clause movies, he also released another Christmas-centric family comedy film titled Christmas with the Kranks. This film stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as a misunderstood version of the classic character Ebenezer Scrooge. It seems that if you wish to have a certain twist to your classic Christmas tales then Tim Allen Christmas Movies is the box set to own. Even with the movie’s focus on slapstick comedy they still offer what all Christmas movies or television specials should have, and that is a moral at the end. Tim Allen’s Christmas themed movies certainly did not forget about that which in turn can make his collection of Christmas movies a great watch for your family.


The Santa Clause3Tim Allen Christmas Movies have certainly developed a reputation of their own throughout the years, and I personally suggest having the younger generation experience the same laughter that we had during the Christmas season with these films. For any worthwhile collector of Christmas films, Tim Allen Christmas Movies should be on your shelves. They may have lost some of their luster, but that does not undo what these films have spread laughter and joy to the children that grew up in the 1990’s. Saying that his movies are classic Christmas movies can be debatable but we cannot ignore the fact they made people laugh and have fun.

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